Clans appear in the order they requested to be listed in the database. This is so that those who make a point to support this site are rewarded for their commitment.

House of Heorot (HoH)

Leader: AQelDroma

HoH is an evil clan made up of vampires who have aligned themselves together because they are tired of being pushed around or ignored by the massive clans that dominate RavenBlack City. Every action by this clan is committed to the sole purpose of raising the group in rank and placing it at the top. Every member's input is considered valuable and diligently weighed in clan decisions. HoH has proven successful in defending its members and is considered by most, one of the greatest clans to have ever graced our city.

Contact: alyssaqeldroma (y!m)

Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment (SIE)

Leader: Hesu

SIE is not an aggressive or warring clan and claims no official affiliation (good, evil, etc). The group is dedicated to education, intelligence, security and their alliances. The clan, in its own words, is made up of dreamers, outcasts and rebels. SIE's members work hard, play hard and love hard, which is truly what makes this clan great!

Contact: lady_twilight1 (y!m)

The Ferrymen

Leaders: Cerridwen, Jean DeVenn, ladypeacek

The Ferrymen are one of the longest surviving clans in the city, rich in both history and reputation. The Ferrymen lurk in the cracks between dream and reality, working without publicity towards their ends. Founded by Lucius in the days of the Capadocian Dynasty, the Ferrymen have withstood the test of time.

Contact: ladypeacek69 (y!m)

Path of Enlightenment

Leader: doncey

From the ashes of its predecessors’ former glory, rises PoE, a clan whose main goal is to grow, educate and enlighten the masses. The clan retains its “status-free” affiliation, claiming no side on the good/evil spectrum. PoE’s training houses are among the friendliest and best organized in the city and its members are well disciplined. In the streets, this clan operates on the motto “cross one, find all.”

Contact: doncey_1 (y!m)